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Fluid Technologies Limited

Protective Coating Products

Protective Coating

Fluid Technologies Limited is a specialist in the Protective Coatings industry and can advise on improving the efficiency and productivity of your existing operation, whilst stocking a full range of spray painting and blasting equipment from leading brands. These include Graco, Hodge, Clemco and EcoQuip. Please find below a selection of the protective coating products supplied.

XForce™ HD Heavy-Duty

Protective Coating

Optimized for Protective and Marine Coatings.

The XForce HD heavy-duty cordless sprayer is the industry’s first cordless airless sprayer designed to spray the toughest protective coatings and corrosion control materials. It’s an easy solution for touch-ups, spot repairs or small areas.

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Graco Air Powered Airless Sprayers – Merkur™ X48 and X72

Protective Coating

Easy portability for areas requiring high solids coatings.

Merkur X48 and X72 single component airless sprayers offer the ultimate combination of power and portability, giving you the ability to spray tough materials in the most challenging situations.

Weighing just 45 kg, the Merkur Sprayer can easily be positioned in tight areas, without sacrificing spray quality or power.

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Graco Air Powered Airless Sprayers - NXT Xtreme™

Protective Coating

The NXT Xtreme is notably one of Graco's world leading and most famoust of products. We always carry these sprayers outfits in stock, complete with the necessary guns, hoses, tips, swivels etc.

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Graco Air Powered Xtreme XL™ Series

Protective Coating

The largest, most powerful air motor Graco has ever built. Designed with the new XL Air Motor, the Xtreme XL Sprayer can run up to six guns in a high-output environment with virtually no pulsation or pattern fluctuation.

The efficient design includes advanced features that ensure superior performance, even in oily, dirty and wet air environments.

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Graco XP™ HP Plural (2K) Mechanical Sprayer

Protective Coating

The ground breaking Graco XP High Pressure Plural Component Sprayer. Hot potting made easy, with minimum savings in the region of 20% in paint consumption, 60 to 75% for cleaning and flushing solvents and productivity increases of easily 30 – 40%.

Reduces re-work to practically zero, whilst offering a totally consistent paint film thickness to your substrate and uniformity of the freshly mixed paint, all day every day.

It can even get you a cost reduction in your paint and catalyst from your present paint supplier, doing away with paint mixing!

Provided you are presently hand mixing (Hot Potting) and not constantly changing paint with a different mix ratio, then this is the product for you.

The savings shown above are not figures plucked from the ether. They are based on reality, equated from previous demonstrations and sales.

We are very happy to demonstrate this revolutionary product to you at your premises at a time to suit you. Adopting this Graco XP Sprayer provides no interruption to your production or process, no re-training of your operators and using (where safe to do so) your existing spray guns and hoses.

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Graco XM™ HP Two Component Electronic Proportioners

Protective Coating

Graco XM HP Two Component Electronic Proportioners are ideal for large, in-plant application of Epoxies, Polyurethanes and all other protective coating paints. The XM effectively manages ratio spraying and will shut down if there is a problem or defect. You can also allocate job numbers and download a complete, detailed logging report for each assembly / product being sprayed, made available in an excel file.

Designed for the larger in-plant applications such as painting large steel fabrications, earth moving and construction equipment, large cranes, wind turbine towers, oil and gas pipe coating.

Our bulk purchasing policy with our suppliers ensures that we are always competitive on price.

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