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Powder Coating Equipment

Powder Coating Equipment

Powder Applications

As the principal UK distributor for Wagner’s range of powder coating equipment, we are able provide a broad range of solutions when it comes to powder application. From a laboratory test sprayer to a complete, automatic, multi-gun powder booth installation, we continue to meet the varying and unique needs of our clients with confidence.

We have a dedicated Sales Person and Service Engineer in England, with additional sales and service capabilities in Scotland.

We permanently stock all Wagner standard manual powder sprayers, including the industry leading Wagner Prima Sprint. All requisite spare parts, nozzles and repair kits are held in stock and supplied where necessary.

Our service capabilities enable the servicing of your machines and equipment in our own department, on site, or at your own premises (whichever proves most convenient).

Rest assured that as one of the largest supplier of Wagner Powder Units in Europe, we are always competitive on price without compromising on service.

Our Offers page frequently lists a number of competitive offers that are unrivalled by our competitors.

Wagner Powder Products

Wagner Powder Products:

WAGNER application units are in use around the world and enable optimal coating results for all types of surfaces.

The new gun generation achieves greater efficiency and perfection, both in manual and in automatic coating applications.

The WAGNER manual units are the result of concentrating development efforts on greater gun performance. Thanks to their user-friendly design, the guns are easier and faster to work with.

Wagner Maual Powder Coating Guns

WAGNER HiCoat manual guns are constructed for high coating output, high efficiency and a long service life. They offer the user optimal handling that is achieved through the use of robust materials, a weight-optimized design and a high performance charging and atomization system.

Wagner Powder Products

PEM-X1 Gun

PEM-X1 - Unique Desgin

The new WAGNER manual gun PEM-X1 sets the standard and trend for all kinds of surfaces used today in powder coating. The new gun generation improves perfection and precision even further – the product philosophy combines a balanced finesse on all levels with long life expectancy and optimal handling.

Well-balanced ergonomics are based on experience! WAGNER has incorporated this experience in the design of the new gun generation. – Yet again, WAGNER combines first-class design and functionality for perfect finishing solutions.

  • High transfer efficiency
  • Perfect coating results
  • Well balanced ergonomic handling
  • Simply and easy maintenance
  • Robust and lightweight design
  • Wide range of accessories
Wagner Powder Products


PEM-X1 Cup Gun - for small series and material tests

The powder cup laboratory set is a useful, handy, flexible but yet high-performance equipment for powder coating component parts and small amounts as i.e. needed for laboratory- and development purposes.

  • Compact and always ready-to-use
  • System for perfect results: Due to the precise WAGNER regulation-technology and the gun-integrated dosing system, small amounts of powder can be applied, while still obtaining incredible results.
  • Clear and user friendly: Taking advantage of the simple plugging-system, the powder container is easily attached and handy at the same time.
  • Mobile system with convenient case
Wagner Powder Products

PEM-T3 Tribo Gun

PEM-T3 (Tribo)

Perfect solution for difficult part: The powder particles are reliably charged up by friction against the PTFE inner walls and chicanes of the powder duct. This charging system is ideally suited for coating inside Faraday cages!

Tribo air to increase the intensity of the frictional charge

  • Excellent penetration power into corners, angles and edges
  • Light and handy: only 500 grams (without connecting leads)
  • Optimal service life for wear parts
  • Equipped with deflector cone as standard
Wagner Powder Products

PEM-TG3 Tribo-Cup Gun

Tribo-Cup Gun PEM-TG3

The PEM-TG3 Tribo manual powder gun with integrated powder supply via the attached powder cup.

  • Ergonomic design
  • High flexibility
  • High transfer efficiency

Wagner Automatic Powder Coating Guns

WAGNER spray guns provide an extremely high application efficiency and excellent charging of the powder. Their light weight provides for smooth reciprocator movements and thus for a homogenous coating of the work-pieces.

Wagner Powder Products

WAGNER Automatic Sprayguns

The new PEA-C4 HiCoat automatic gun for electrostatic powder paint coating in automatic systems.
For optimum surfaces and high efficiency

The newly developed PEA -C4 HiCoat automatic gun offers optimal and practically based prerequisites for optimal powder paint coating, matched to the requirements of automatic operation. High quality, reliable and reproducible coating results in conjunction with the proven robustness of this gun are the result.

The integral high voltage cascade in the gun with an output power of up to 100 kV operates safely and perfectly. All electronic components are integrated into the robust plastic gun body. This guarantees low service costs and a long service life.

Main features of the PEA-C4 HiCoat:

  • Optimised electrostatics for universal use. Safe and optimal powder charging in conjunction with the integrated high voltage cascade for up to 100 kV power output.
  • SafetyPower. The new integral Safety technology for the reliable processing of standardised Metallic, Special-effect, and UDS powder paints, plus of course all standard powder paints. Certified for Zone 21 (internal coating).
  • For colour changes the PowerLock System quickly and effectively ensures clean and reliable cleansing of the whole powder duct and the nozzle components. The result is a higher level of automation and time saved in the cleaning process.
  • Simple assembly and disassembly of the wear parts (particularly the protective wedge) and of the whole nozzle system.
  • Nozzle Adjusting System for constantly reproducible and precise nozzle positioning on each individual gun.
  • Adaptable round jet nozzle system with new oval spray jet geometry and proven atomising air technology.
  • Adaptable CoronaStar Set.
Wagner Powder Products

The PEA-C4 XL HiCoat automatic gun: Plastic booths and 3D coating
HiCoat automatic guns for special application

The new XL powder guns are particularly well suited to plastic booths. All feed lines are integral and the connections are located outside the booth. This gun type is also used for demanding 3D coating tasks.

The gun surfaces can easily be cleaned with the blower nozzle system, so colour changes can be made more quickly. The new guns are available in the lengths 850 mm, 1100 mm, 1400 mm and 1800 mm.

Wagner Powder Products

The PEA-C4 HiCoat Twin-gun for coating applications with articulated arm robots
For robot coating

Positioned on an articulated arm robot, the Twin gun follows the work-piece geometry fully automatically and precisely. The high voltage cascade integrated in each gun works perfectly and reliably. Also integrated is the proven Corona-Star, which ensures optimal penetration power and a super finish.


  • Overall length: 500 mm
  • Weight: 1400 g
  • Build: gem.EN 50177
  • Enclosure Class: IP 54
  • Polarity: negative
Wagner Powder Products

Wagner SPRINT manual unit

The new manual unit combines functionality and extraordinary design. All parameters can easily and quickly be entered in the EPG-Sprint X. By means of a central and dynamic knob, all parameters –grouped into four functional sections- can be set easily.

  • The unique Cascade characteristic line setting and the TRIBO-compatibility offer a high level of flexibility for any powder. In combination with the new manual gun PEM-X1, the manual unit gives perfect coating results. The powder feeding is carried out directly from the original container – optionally out of the 60l stainless steel container.
  • Intuitive user guidance: The logical layout of the control elements make adjusting recipes fast and clear. Up to 50 coating recipes can be saved creating endless possibilities to set parameters to fit your individual needs.
  • Quick color changes by using a pre-programmed button to initiate the process. The position of the suction tube and the coupling for the powder hose.
  • Light and modern design. Its robust construction and reliable quality output, is the perfect solution for optimal manual coating.
  • Flexibility: The manual system can be transformed into a 3l-model or a 60l-model with vibration table. By mounting the small wheels, the manual system can be used and positioned in small places.
Wagner Powder Products


The WAGNER PrimaColor-Select is designed for the quickest powder color change while providing the least potential for cross-contamination and powder loss.

WAGNER PrimaColor-Select invorporates simple, robust pneumatic control system of up to 10 powder feed systems. Including hopper, fluidizing air and powder injector feed air and dosage air. The operator control panel includes the WAGNER PrimaColor-Select dial and quick connect ports for 10 colors. A WAGNER PrimaSprint manual system may also be integrated with the PrimaColor-Select unit.

HiCoat C4 Manual Spray Gun

The PrimaColor-Select may be equipped with a WAGNER PEM-C4 HiCoat manual gun and EPG-Sprint control unit providing highest first-pass transfer efficiency, optimum film build uniformity and powder utilization resulting in a perfect finish. The gun is designed to be very light for fatigue-free operation. HiCoat manual guns can be fitted with various nozzles for any application.

EPG-Sprint Control Unit

The WAGNER EPG-Sprint manual control unit combines attractive design and superior functionality. Easy handling and exceptional coating results are achieved by the electronic controller EPG-Sprint. Its central dynamic control dial combines operation of all parameters, which are divided into four functional groups. Unique cascade characteristic curve settings, Corona and Tribo compatibility along with 50 storable coating programs offer the greatest flexibility for all types of powder. Intuitive handling paired with AFC-technology provides perfect gun control. The EPG-Sprint control unit is FM certified.


Powder coating technology is becoming increasingly complex, the requirements set for individual systems and equipment precisely matched to the coating task increase, and flexibility and extensibility are in demand. A development which is supported and promoted by Wagner’s consistent product policy.

Wagner Powder Products

EPG-Sprint X

EPG-Sprint X is the efficient control unit for the manual unit SPRINT. All parameters are arranged logically and can be easily adjusted. Hence guaranteed reproducible results for efficient and high-quality manual coating can be obtained.

Wagner Powder Products

PrimaTech CCM

The PrimaTech central control unit controls all the system functions, precisely and object-related. It is suitable for powder electrostatic, tribo and powder rotational spray guns. PrimaTech solves all universal control tasks in industrial series operations.

Wagner Powder Products

ProfiTech S

The ProfiTech Sprint control system is designed as a standardized system. The control system can be employed with professional control processes such as gap, height and automatic depth control with work piece detection via light blocks, as well as production data capture, meets any customer requirements.

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