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Fluid Technologies Ltd: European launch partner for Graco’s new EcoQuip Vapour Blasting Range

01 September 2014

Fluid Technologies Ltd are pleased to announce they have been selected as a launch distributor for Graco’s new range of Vapour Blasting Equipment.

This new and revolutionary product represents a sea change to the blasting industry.

Not only does EcoQuip give media usage savings of a 50 –75% (blasting to waste) but a huge reduction in waste contamination with typically 92% media encapsulation. All this with barely discernible drop in blasting performance when compared to traditional dry blasting methods.

Ideally suited for contractors who presently use traditional blasting methods and are looking to decrease media usage. Also for those companies looking to save money from sending work out to contract blasters, who don’t want the expense of or have the space for an in-house blasting facility; but do have the room outside for a small blasting area.

The EcoQuip Vapour blasting process encapsulates the blasting media within a narrow cone of water vapour which significantly helps containment of blast media often negating the need for erecting scaffolding and screening.

This is useful when removing poisonous coatings such as lead based paints, especially in built up areas and sensitive locations such as parks, recreational areas, nature reserves etc.

Though traditional vapour blasting has been around in one form or another for decades and offered by many manufactures so would not normally be considered as a new process; however when it applies to Graco ‘EcoQuip’ it might as well be classed as a completely new method of media blasting.

Nothing else compares in terms of performance, media encapsulation, minimal water consumption, media savings and operator comfort (the operator stays relatively dry). And because it’s Graco you know that it is reliable and easy for the operator to self service and maintain.

For those who think they know vapour blasting; we say ‘until you have seen the EcoQiup in action, you don’t know Vapour Blasting!’

Call today and we will arrange a demonstration at your premises or on your worksite.

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