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Fluid Technologies Introduces Graco’s New M2K Mechanical Plural Component Sprayers for Finishing Applications

01 April 2015

“The smart alternative to hand mixing”

Fluid Technologies is pleased to announce that it has been chosen as a UK launch distributor for Graco’s new M2K Mechanical Plural Component Sprayers for Finishing Applications.

The M2K is an easy-to-use mixing and dosing system that has all you need in one small spray package, designed to be a first step for users who are currently hand mixing two component Epoxy, Urethane and Polyester Materials. The M2K rounds out our product portfolio of proportioning systems ranging from small single colour locations, all the way to large volume multi-colour applications. The M2K is specifically targeted at end-users who use one or two colours and may be challenged with Electronic Proportioning Systems. Some major features of the M2K Plural Component Spray Packages:

- Mixing on demand Reduce waste and save money

- Fixed Ratio – On Ratio Spraying Maintain the mixing accuracy by fixing the volume of the pump lowers to the mix ratio required, allowing you to generate a better overall productivity and to deliver a consistent Surface Finish Quality

Available mix ratios: 1:1 , 2:1 , 3:1 , 4:1 , 5:1 and 6:1

- Easy & Affordable “Plug & Spray” Concept saving time by quick start-up and flushing Reduces labour and rework costs

- Available Spray Technologies By offering the main Finishing Spray Technologies such as Air Spray, Air Assist or Airless, we are able to cover most of the Spray applications our customer’s require.

- Reliable and Robust Built with Graco Merkur proven pump technology

- Remote Mix manifold For short pot-life materials or long mixed material hose applications a remote mix manifold can be used to reduce materials and waste.

Available accessories:

Flush pumps (can be mounted on the M2K package)

Hopper Kits

Fluid Hoses

Circulation Kit

To receive further information or to arrange a no obligation live demonstration of the M2K Sprayer at your own premises, then please call us on our Freephone No. 0800 6129179

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