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Graco 390 Classic Airless Sprayer

12 September 2017


Priced at just £925.00 Each (£1110.00 inc VAT)

Which also includes UK Mainland Delivery

Normal Graco UK RRP is £1850.00 (£2220.00 inc VAT)

This offer works out at an amazing discount of 50% off list price!

To order then call us on 01543 496289 during normal office hours.

Mention "SpraymanUK" for a nice bonus addition with your order.  

To reserve your order out of hours then drop us an email at:


 Important Notice

Please note that Graco Europe has advised us of a forthcoming (big) price increase due to the recent devaluation of the pound against the Euro & USD.

Being the nice people that we are here at FTL, we would normally absorb such rises ourselves, however due to the very high discount already offered, we will be unable to do so for very long. 

So even if you are thinking of buying off eBay a 'non CE marked' (illegal to be sold in Europe and effectively with a warranty, not worth the piece of paper it's not written on), well you will see that they are now even more expensive than our offer. 

The good news is that we have a good but limited stock of units available at this offer price.  

But once they're gone, they're gone!

Graco's true entry level professional electric Airless sprayer.

 If you see a Graco sprayer with anything less than a 390 model number on it, such as 190 or even something called a Magnum* (see bottom of page), then they are not classified as professional machines by Graco. They would be more like a DIY or occasional use machines.  

However the 390 Classic is designed to spray emulsions and solvent based paints all day long.  

If you are a decorator that has decided finally to get into professional spraying, then this is the machine to start with.

Everything you need to get into the wonderful world of professional paint spraying.

We have just taken delivery from Graco Europe of a new stock of these amazing machines. 

The units are complete with the folowing Graco accessories:

  • Contractor FTX-E Spray Gun, 15M Graco BluMax 1/4" Airless Hose

  • RAC X 517Airless Twist Tip, RAC X Tip Guard

  • Stand Mounted, TSL Pump lubricant

  • All Documentation, 12 Month Standard Graco Warranty

  • Voltage: 110V 50/HZ

  • Max Paint Pressure: 3300 PSI (220 bar), Maximum Paint output: 1.9 L/min

  • Maximum Tip Size: 21 thou/inch, Part No. 17C347 

To view all our offers please go to:

Finally these machines are supplied by us FTL a genuine UK Graco distributor, with branches in England & Scotland. All our Graco products are CE marked and are supplied from Graco Europe (Belgium).

*Magnum X7 & Magnum X5 are only rated by Graco not to spray more than 9 litres of paint a week.

No such restriction on the Graco 390 classic. 

If it goes wrong then we fix it, if it needs servicing then we will service it in our work shops.

If you need advice then please call us during normal UK working hours. Or if you are near us to us then please drop in for a cuppa and we will help you decide what's best for you.

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